Destiny 2 – Expansion 2 Release Date, Reveal Stream, and Future Update Plans Revealed

Apr 12, 18  | posted by Dwysauce (1016)

Season pass owners get what they paid for 8 months ago...

In their latest Development Roadmap, Bungie revealed plans for the next expansion and further updates to Destiny 2.

Expansion 2 will be called “The Warmind” and will be released on May 8, 2018. We will have to wait until the reveal stream on April 24th for specific details about Update 1.2.0, but community speculation points to the update centering around Mars, Rasputin, and Siva-infected enemies. Tune in to the Bungie Twitch Channel to catch the reveal.

The roadmap also informs us of the following progression and quality of life changes that will arrive with the new expansion:

  • Seasonal Crucible Rankings
  • Private Matches
  • Vault Space Increase
  • Multi-Emote
  • Exotic Weapon Masterworks
  • Seasonal Vendor Progression
  • Exotic Weapon Sandbox Changes
  • Heroic Strike Modifiers
  • Nightfall Challenge Cards

As exciting as these new features are, many veteran players to the franchise want to see more changes to the loot system so the game can approach the replayability of the original Destiny. For those players, the most exciting part of the roadmap may be the plans for September 2018. Bungie has announced that Gear Collections, Weapon Randomization (including mod changes), and Weapon Slot Changes will arrive with Season 4. These changes are expected to bring back the “god-rolls” that Destiny 2 never had and that players loved to chase in the original game. The community is also speculating that this may bring changes to the primary-energy-power weapon categories that have have come into so much scrutiny in recent months. Personally, I am hoping that come September, my guardian will be able to hold an auto rifle, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher again.

What do you think about the latest roadmap? If you’ve left Destiny 2 for other games, is it enough to bring you back? Are you more excited for the May update or the September update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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