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Sep 5, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2028)

great games at an even greater price

How many times have you thought to yourself “I could make a game”? You’d drum up some ideas but as soon as you start searching for software the reality of the daunting task sets in. See, creating a video game is a collaborative¬†effort; You’ll need programmers, 3d modelers, animators, writers, directors, designers, PR figures. In short, creating a video game isn’t a one-man job. Well, at least until the Humble Unity Bundle strode into town.

While people have managed to create masterpieces (take Stardew for example), the majority of us don’t have the time to burn or the life to risk. Fortunately, Humble Bundle has put together various bits and bobs that you’ll need to start your journey to becoming a video game designer. Oh, and they’ve thrown in some cracking games too. All items are collectively worth the hefty sum of $1593!

Starting at the sweet sweet price of $1, you’ll receive a copy of Oxenfree – a side-scrolling adventure involving paranormal palava with friends. Also included is a copy of AER Memories of Old – an adventure game about uncovering the late old god’s. Game creation wise, the base tier provides Inventory Pro (a tool for Unity that features an AAA quality inventory system), UFPS: Ultimate FPS (a first person plugin) and FlowCanvas (a visual scripting system).

Moving to the average price tier (which currently stands at $11.81), you’ll receive a copy of the top-down RPG classic Wasteland 2: Directors Cut, the locomotive adventure of The Final Station and interactive tale game Last Day of June. For all the budding game creators, there’s the Realistic Effects Pack 4 to channel your inner SFX artist, GameFlow (another visual scripting tool that hails to be the ‘Swiss army knife of Unity’) and to top it all off, a collection of royalty free tunes in the Ultimate Game Music Collection pack.

The final tier (costing $15) includes the award winning Torment: Tides of Numenera and the tactical stealth bonanza Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun. Game creators can look forward to a tutorial on how to get to grips with Unity, the complete package to make your own RPG game (uMMORPG), a set of 30 detailed creature characters (Heroic Fantasy Creatures Full Pack Volume 1), a gigantic library of 5000+ sound effects (Universal Sound FX) and Gaia, the procedural generation tech you need to kickstart your own Skyrim. For those with a Humble Monthly subscription, a $2 store credit coupon has been thrown in.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Girls Who Code, an organization aiming to encourage women to undertake careers in programming. Since its beginnings in 2012, Girls Who Code has managed to deliver lessons to 3,000 girls across America all through the help of donations from the public. Of course, if you wish to choose your own charity you can do so by selecting it from the long list of many Humble Bundle has to offer.

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