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Sep 10, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2028) honors a fallen solider – the daily deal website is holding a tribute to John Bain (known as Totalbiscuit) after he passed away in late May.

Titled ‘A Tribute to Totalbiscuit’, the weeklong event offers up a selection of PC games for a decent price. What’s more, all proceeds will go to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (chosen by John’s wife, Jenna Bain), a charity aiming to stop colorectal cancer in its tracks. This was the same cancer that led to John’s tragic death. shared a passage about Totalbiscuit:

“As you know, this past May, we (along with the rest of the gaming world) lost a legend in the form of our good friend TotalBiscuit, who finally succumbed to colorectal cancer after bravely fighting the disease for over half a decade. He was a wonderful human being who made his mark on countless people, of course, but what’s more, he had great fucking taste in video games, so we thought, “hey, why not sell a bunch of TB’s favorite games at crazy low prices FOR A WHOLE WEEK and donate 100% of our proceeds to charity?” And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. The charity’s called The Colorectal Cancer Alliance, it empowers a nation of allies to provide support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivors, it raises awareness of preventive measures, and it inspire efforts to fund critical research. See? Win-win.”

Bain publicly announced his cancer in April 2014. He had bowel cancer, a problem in the family as both his grandparents had the same issue. Despite his degrading health, John continued to review games (which got him a bad rep with some devs due to his brutally honest approach) and host his weekly podcast (the Co-Optional) up until his death. He was a prominent figurehead in the gaming community and an outspoken champion of indie titles.

To honor his legacy has selected a few of his favorite games (which include the likes of Dying Light, XCOM 2 and Mafia) and has begun selling them at a heavily discounted price. Aforementioned above, proceeds will go directly to funding research and helping survivors and victims of Colorectal Cancer. The sale will run from the 9th September all the way up to the 15th and will feature streamers playing the games to pay respects to John Bain.

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