Boss Key Productions is now officially “no more”

May 15, 18  | posted by Jacob Dylan Harold (1035)

As of 11:99 AM, yesterday, May 14th, the company behind Lawbreakers and Radical Heights is now “no more”.

One of the main heads, Cliff Bleszinski of Boss Key released a statement through twitter declaring the whys of the company closing. Saying in what would assumably somber tone, “Four years ago I set out to make a world class video game studio and I hired some of the best talent in the videogame industry… while we had our ups and downs, I’d like to think we had fun doing it”.

As for his company’s work, Bleszinski claims that both of his major games, Lawbreakers and Radical Heights were great games that unfortunately “failed to gain traction” or were “too little, too late”.

Bleszinski finished off his statement with his personal plans for the future. Those plans being to “take some time off and reflect”. He says that he wants to spend time with his family and unfortunately dying dog and that maybe in the future, he’ll attempt to create video games again. Bleszinski then departed with what seemed like a heart felt thank you.

“To those of you who have supported myself and the studio these last for years, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and everyone who came to work for me”.

It is also noted that the last game Boss Key were working on, Radical Heights is still playable for an undetermined amount of time as the servers remain.

We here at gamelust wish Cliff and everyone who worked at Boss Key Productions the best of luck. We hope they manage to get back on their feet, learn something new from the experience, and to perhaps find themselves in relative success.

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