BladeRunner 9732 Lets you Explore Deckard’s Apartment in VR

Jan 3, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (1886)

Relive the Life of Deckard

A new playable experience has been released for PC called BladeRunner 9732 which lets you explore the apartment of Deckard, the protagonist of the original 1982 BladeRunner.

The Beta is available to download from the website here but a Steam release will be heading our way on the 7th January. While it is recommended to play in VR you can also explore the apartment without one. Oculus Rift support is not yet implemented.

BladeRunner 9732 lets you roam about the iconic apartment searching for points of interest. Updates are promised that bring new content like achievements, more interactions and the AI Rachael that keeps Deckard company in the film.

The developer (known as Quentin) has been working on the project on and off during weekends, free nights and vacations since 2014 with no budget. Quentin wishes to make more of these famous scenes and has a donation page set up here.

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344 days 16 hours ago

Posted by JDAWG4LIF3

This looks pretty damn sweet!

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