Bethesda rolls out new Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods

Jan 6, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1214)

January Mods for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4

Skyrim Special Edition features some new mods that compliment the winter season quite nicely. For Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC players will be able to add a new home called Whitewind Player Home north of Windhelm. This home isn’t as decked out as the Hearthfire expansion homes, but it is a nice addition for the player to relax in. There will also be mods called Master of Destruction and Frostbite – A Magical Fox Follower. This will feature concentrated massive magical destructive firepower on a single enemy and a mage that has been trapped in a fox’s body who can still use his frost spells.

Xbox One and PC shows off The Ice Blade of The Monarch in Skyrim as well as Light Refracting Stalhrim Armors and Weapons.  The Ice Blade is one of many beautifully new weapons with powerful enchantments that can be found using a treasure map provided to you. The Stalhrim armor shines like pure crystals with a nice see through effect that dazzles the player. The last featured Skyrim mod also hosts the Woolly Rhino that is pretty fun to see within the Nordic landscape. Fallout 4 is also getting some nice mods like the Wasteland Melody’s Chinese Assault Rifle Standalone from Fallout 3. I know that this is a favorite for players and will be a welcome addition to the weapons already in Fallout 4. Another mod will be Arturo’s Shooting Range which is a quick stop to test out any of your weapons without pissing off any enemies. Even a Solar Power mod and Passive Water Resources will be making an entrance.

A Chinese Assault Rifle Animation will be available only for Xbox as well as a Solar Panel Mod for the settlements only for PlayStation 4. These mods help keep people coming back to play these games, as mods create some interesting if not badass elements to any game. I would definitely try these mods because they look like a lot of fun!

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