Battlefield V Reveal

May 23, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (1985)

Battlefield like you've never seen it

Battlefield V got an official reveal this evening, detailing what’s to come for the next installment in the FPS franchise. Here is a recap of the key points discussed in the reveal.


Yes, the game will be set in WW2

The team has confirmed the game will be returning back to its Second World War roots. They want to show you the ‘ragged deserts’ of North Africa or ‘freezing’ Scandinavia which will show the brutal war in an all-new engine. The team has also called this ‘the most immersive Battlefield experience ever’ with an overhauled movement system and renowned destruction system. Promising, eh?


New (and old) Game Modes

Majoritial conquest and operations are back alongside some new game modes including grand operations, a game mode that takes place over four days of fighting, each one affects the next day as you prepare for the final stand. Still not satisfied? There’s going to be a detailed singleplayer campaign you can get your dirty, bloody hands on. What’s more, Co-op is making a return under the name of combined arms where you and three others live the life of a soldier behind enemy lines. Realism is stronger than ever as you must find resources to survive. It’s turning out to be the most intense Battlefield yet.


Soldiers are your Own

In Battlefield V, you will be in charge of your own company (no, not a corporate company) who you can customize to make your own. Weapons, characters, and vehicles can be modified and leveled as you progress in the harsh war. The team wants ‘no more anonymous soldiers’ and want you to make your own personal identity.


No More Premium Pass!

HELL YEAH NO MORE PAY TO WIN. Everything can be unlocked by playing the game, a drastic change in business model for EA. Did I mention there are no expansion packs? The question still remains if shortcut kits will be available. Either way, it’s refreshing to see EA have acted in wake of the Battlefront 2 controversy.

here’s the trailer:

Battlefield V is going to be at EA Play in LA in the coming weeks where we’ll get to see multiplayer in action. For now, we can sit back and relish in that amazing squad spawn.

Battlefield V launches on 19th October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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This game looks so fucking sweet! I'm definitely pre-ordering it!

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