Atomic Heart is Promising a Good Time

May 12, 18  | posted by GameRaiding (1186)

In Soviet Russia, machines rule you

If you have already finished Wolfenstein 2, Prey and NeiR: Automata by now, then don’t despair.  There is another game that is coming out that mashes all these games together to, seemingly, great effect.  Atomic Heart may now be a name that sounds familiar as a trailer was recently released that looks delightfully creepy.  This trailer shows off a wide variety of weapons and environments that clearly says Mundfish is attempting to make a great quality game. 

The setting is a Soviet Union controlled universe where some horrible looking creatures what to kill you.  You play as a special agent who is sent to investigate an area that has gone radio silent.  Your mission is to find out what happened, get everything back on-line and functioning, all while managing to keep yourself alive.  Sounds like a bad day all around, really.

The thing that looks so great is that it doesn’t appear that you can really get bored based on the environment.  Most games have different levels and different settings so that the players don’t have to stare at the same backgrounds all the time.  But the areas in the game just look so varied that it’s really on another level.  There are woods, creepy science labs, space, and possibly snowy areas as well.  There will presumably be a reason for all of these different looking places to be connected so it should all make sense in the end. 

There are also a multitude of different enemies for you to be brutally destroying.  All of which in 1st person.  Who can ask for anything more?  The enemies range from some pretty cute robots to horrible clown creatures that make me want to hide under the covers.  And I’m an adult. 

You will be murdering these creatures with enough weapons to make your head spin.  Yes there will be firearms, but thats the boring stuff.  There are also melee weapons like a wrench, fire axe, and what seems to be a hammer wrapped in barbed wire.  A good time to be had by all.  However, the trailer suggests a huge amount of customization to your weapons.  Everything is show so quickly but it seems you can have everything from a practical silencer to a cosmetic stamp. 

All in all Atomic Heart has the robots Nier: Automata, the brutality of Wolfenstein, and the creepiness of Prey all put into one convenient package.  Mundfish has given no specific release date as of yet, but rumor has it this game will be coming to us this calendar year on Playstaion 4, Xbox One and PC.  If that is in fact the case, we will soon be able so answer the question, what becomes of the Atomic Heart-ed? 

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