Assassin’s Creed Origins: Curse of the Pharaohs

Mar 1, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1221)

Ubisoft brings gamers the third expansion with Curse of the Pharaohs. This new mission takes Bayek into the underworld to fight his new foes. Grave robbers have begun to plunder the Valley of the Kings for precious treasure. This set off a chain of events that Bayek will now have to face head-on. Every so often, an undead Pharaoh appears within the world on a path of destruction. You will have a brief moment to confront this new threat and send it back to the depths of the afterlife where it belongs.

However, each pharaoh is much stronger than anything you have encountered thus far and will be hard for even higher level players. Once one is defeated, you’ll find yourself in a separate open world connected to a portal from their tombs. Be careful as guards looking like Anubis and camel-sized scorpions patrol the landscape to keep out the living. You’ll see a plethora of mythical creatures and fields of reed throughout this new world like birds called Ba with human faces. Each pharaoh will have to be put to rest by finding key artifacts linked to them.

The pharaohs will pack a deadly punch in the afterlife as they can kill you with one or two strikes. Because of the increased difficulty, the level cap has been increased to 55 to match the strength these new enemies possess. This new level cap comes with seven pretty sweet new skills listed below:

Dash Boost– Rewards perfect dodges with a damage boost

Overpower Fury-Heals Bayek and removes any status ailments when he unleashes an adrenaline-charged Overpower attack

Predator Bow Flesh Decay kills

Pierce shields with fully charged Hunter Bow shots

More damage out of light bows by scoring consecutive hits

Inflict bleeding damage on targets who survive Warrior Bow blasts

Favor of Osiris-Rewards players for time spent in the afterlife by gradually refilling your tools and arrows while there

This looks to be a great expansion that will provide a fun experience alongside the Discovery Tour. It’ll be interesting to see more of the afterlife side of Egyptian culture as you explore and kill your way to glory. This expansion will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 13th. If you have the season pass, you’ll get this for free while players who don’t will have to pay up $20.00. I can’t wait for this new journey and I hope you all can’t wait either!

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