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May 28, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (1985)

My list of some underrated games

Valve launched a spring cleaning sale this week which saw users earn trophies for clearing their backlog. The idea was to reward users for finding games in their library (or new games altogether) which fall under certain categories such as games that hold less than two hours of playtime or games you’ve purchased in 6 months. Was the idea a success? Nobody knows (well, Valve does). Either way, a selection of games had special discounts. Furthermore, some were free to try until Monday.

But that’s not what this article is about; a list has been forming inside my head consisting of ‘hidden gems’ that deserve recognition from a wider audience. Today I’m going to take you through this list (which is in no particular order) giving a brief description of the title and my opinion on why you should pick up the game. Ready? Let’s go.



Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Release date: 06/12/15

Windward is a ship-faring RPG with procedural elements. Pledge allegiance to one of four factions and trade, fight and sail through the procedurally generated maps as you fight off barbaric pirates. Alternatively, you can join the salty sea dogs and wreak havoc by pillaging towns and destroying sentry towers to claim your own. Windward allows you to pick your play style and immerse yourself in this MMO-esque RPG. Did I mention dragons?

Windward has been my addiction for the past few months; having discovered it in 2016, I originally played with my friends on the official server. We progressed to level 60 (SPOILERS AHEAD), an endgame rank where we fought dragons and acquired hovercrafts. Today I still play, conquering sectors of the map in hopes of turning it blue for there glory of the Sojourn. It’s a truly unique experience you can’t compare to any other game. Although combat and general movement is a simple case of clicking, Windward’s procedural elements create a unique playthrough every time but this is not to say it’s repetitive and sometimes frustrating. Either way, it’s a refreshing adventure worth its cheap price tag.


Streets of Rogue

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Release Date: 02/10/17

heh heh

Streets of Rogue is an urban roguelike. Take the role of a resistance fighter progressing through the corrupt streets by any means necessary. Want to hide in the shadows and chloroform your victims as an evil doctor? Sure; maybe you want to run rampant as a naked little man, possessing the bodies of unassuming characters each with their own personality? Go ahead. Streets of Rogue lets you creatively choose how to execute the games main objective while taking place in a procedural city.

Yes, I love procedural indies but Streets of Rogue is by far the greatest example of roguelike done right. The whacky music and over the top lore is just the start; there’s enough to do/see to keep you entertained for countless hours, providing infinite gameplay while keeping it relevantly fresh. What’s more, it’s published by tinyBuild giving it that indie seal of approval it rightfully deserves.


Conduct DELUXE!

Platform: PC, Mac

Release Date: 11/05/17

Conduct DELUXE! is the sort of game you’d play on a lazy Sunday when you’re super relaxed but be warned, this game will take away every inch of calm you grasp tightly on. The aim is simple, guide the trains to their desired platform. Each level gets progressively harder to the point where you’re left with color PTSD.

Despite the fact Conduct DELUXE! is a hard game, it’s worthwhile to see how many people you’ve delivered to each platform providing a frustrating, joyless trip. This would be the bit where I say something like “jokes aside” but I’m not kidding, this game will redefine your ability to hold back anger all because one train decided to take off while the other was appearing from the tunnel leading to a crash that probably killed 3 and left countless injured. Why should you get this game? I guess it looks nice.



Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Release Date: 07/03/15

NotTheNameWeWanted (previously known as NotGTAV until Rockstar caught wind of the game) is a piss take of Grand Theft Auto by giving it a British setting. Assume the roles of Dafydd (a Welsh farmer who likes to have sexual relations with sheep), Darren (a chav that spends his time outside Lidl) and former PM David Cameron. Clear the levels by completing tasks such as avoiding protestors or chasing old grannies around the Lidl carpark all in the name of getting somewhere.

NotTheNameWeWanted captures the everyday shenanigans of the British people and digitalizing it into a game where everything is hand drawn and poorly voiced nonetheless providing humor from a country that was once in control of the world which is now known for producing funny comedians (cough cough Ricky Gervais). It’s worth a try for the very cheap price of two British pounds.


There you have it; a short but hopefully helpful list of four games I find are underrated and generally pretty damn good. Have I missed out any? (I’ve probably missed out hundreds) Let me know in the comments!

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