505 Games Distributing No Man’s Sky on Xbox One

Mar 29, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (1935)

"Our Biggest Update So Far"

Just shy of two years after its launch, No Man’s Sky is finally getting an Xbox One edition with help from the publisher 505 Games who have published the likes of Terraria and PAYDAY 2.

To accompany the port comes an update which is promised to be the “largest update yet”

No further details have been given in the update but we can assume it’s going to knock every previous one out of the park due to the 7-month gap between now and the last update which brought vehicles into the procedural space sim and while this hasn’t pulled players back into the vast galaxy it has restored faith in a minority while most hope multiplayer will be enough to bump up the player count.

Hello Games has claimed they have been “working our socks off” to bring this update around which is due to plot a course next this summer. They also beleive this update is critical in the game due to them choosing the name NEXT indicating that the update will vamp up No Man’s Sky.

In a recent Steam post they stated that the update will be free to “all existing players” indicating that this could be a DLC after the Xbox One launch.

No Man’s Sky NEXT will be out sometime in the Summer 2018.

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Source: 505games.com

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