Bleak Brexit: My Prediction for the Future of the UK

Aug 6, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (1814)

A rant about the most confusing political event in decades

Brexit is a fucking joke. It’s a campaign built on lies and patriotism; take back Britain? Get real, the glory days of Britain are over. There’s no taking back Britain because Britain isn’t taken by anything. Sure, the vote leave camp’s main argument was the EU regulated our products and that’s a very valid point but instead of triggering a suicide bill why not campaign to take back control of our food and medicine? Why fuck over the whole country, promising them a ‘better Britain’ when so far it’s caused immeasurable chaos? For readers outside the UK, here’s a list of the shit Brexit has landed us in:

  • The Conservative party is pandemonium – multiple MP’s have left over the complete disarray of Brexit.
  • The Leave campaign has been found guilty of stealing people’s data to target them with ads based on their activity online.
  • Two drug making giants Sanofi and Novartis have begun stockpiling supplies in the case of a no-deal; numerous members of the British public are doing the same.

This isn’t Britain. When I turn on the TV all I see is Brexit. Fuck, I don’t even know what my options of immigration are in the future and what’s more I’m not sure I’ll have food to put on the table – not out of financial issues but the sheer fact a vicious trade war has halted imports causing a nationwide food shortage. It’s a daunting prospect but a realistic one.

And now onto my prediction; it involves four countries that collectively come under the name The United Kingdom. My prediction, that, may I add, is a bold and wild prediction is that the UK will dissolve. It’s no secret Scotland is going to call another independence referendum and they could very well win. Wales has an issue with rising terrorist groups such as the WDL (Welsh Defence League) who are pushing the Welsh Assembly to detach from the UK. Plaid is also doing the same but without the violence and as for Northern Ireland let’s not forgot there is a strong divide and with a border most likely in place post-Brexit, the northern Irish may change their mind. It’s a crazy prediction but not crazy enough to rule out. Hell, if we’re at the point where the government doesn’t know what to do and stockpiling has begun what is crazy?


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