West of Dead

West of Dead Beta Review

overall score 85 / Yes
Feb 20, 20  | reviewed by Not Important (1148)

West of Dead, a new Dead Cellslike Roguelike with Ron Perlman

gameplay 95 / story 80 / graphics 90 / sound 30

As I was scrolling through my Instagram earlier today, I saw it. A trailer for an open beta for a game called West of Dead. It had a character that looked like a cowboy ghost rider, and it was voiced by Ron Perlman, who I knew from the Hellboy franchise. Needless to say, I was convinced to play it on my PC.

West of Dead plays like a top-down roguelike cover shooter using mechanics from Dead Cells and similar gameplay feel to that of Hell Divers. Straight off, this game supports controller support on PC, which I’m very pleased with. You use a wide range of guns and tools such as dynamite, smoke bombs, and crit knives to kill the enemies. Enemies ranging from shambling corpses, undead dogs, and a giant fearsome wendigo. Movement is slow and precise as is the gunplay. Reminiscent of Sekiro is a stamina meter allowing you to deal critical blows to enemies who are stunned by running out of stamina.

Overall, the game is promising but there is not much content in the beta which is fine. Ron Perlman does a great job of narrating the fiery headed gunslinger’s inner thoughts. These thoughts either constructively criticizing you or praising you depending on how well you do. My point is, I would definitely keep an eye out for this game if you enjoy Roguelike games

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