Thief Simulator – Clunky.. But Fun

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Dec 8, 18  | reviewed by Egroeg (1007)

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gameplay 75 / story 80 / graphics 61 / sound 70

So yeah, Thief Simulator, a game, where you are a Thief for $19.99 / £15.49 … which to some people may seem a waste of money but after playing the game, I believe that their opinion would change, or, just stay the same obviously.

Thief Simulator is one of them games which is fun to mess about in, take seriously and maybe learn how to become a thief yourself, but of course, like most games if not all, there are some problems with it.


  • The driving physics aren’t exactly the best, as if you were to break you no longer have the ability to turn left or right.
  • You can’t put big items through windows (They are working on this though)
  • It’s kinda unrealistic that the guards are awake 24/7
  • If you are hiding in a wardrobe from the police, they will enter the house and stand right outside and no matter how much you move they will not spot you, even when your under the bed.
  • The story actually goes really quickly (Finished in 2 hours) and most people have finished the game, after you have finished the game there isn’t really much to do as there is no longer a story and you have been in all of the houses.
  • You cannot improve / upgrade your car or hideout or anything really.
  • The cars take quite a while to take apart.
  • Once you unlock everything you have nothing else to spend money on.
  • Gets boring after a while due to the limited amount of houses
  • The same song players over and over again


Although it has many problems with it. Here are some goods things about it which I think make up for it’s problems but not fully:


  • The game’s graphics are decent
  • It has interesting concepts
  • You can break into houses in many different ways
  • If you like stealth games then you might love it
  • Rather easy which to some people might be a disadvantage
  • Has a interesting story
  • Side missions
  • You can steal game consoles
  • Achievements
  • Flashlight


But as this game did only come out on the 9th of November 2018 (29 days ago) there will be new updates like a new mansion (Coming Soon) and they recently added a new van which I’m not going to lie, I love it, it does cost about $35,000 (IGC) if I remember correctly, but I would say it is definitely worth it as you can store lots of loot in it compared to the small starter car.


At the end of the game you get a package which then blows up, but at the very end you see a crowbar being picked up, which could mean many things….


  • You / he didn’t actually die, so you / he might try and get revenge
  • It could be a new character
  • Could have been your ‘boss’
  • Someone random
  • It could be linked to the very start of the game
  • Makes you think
  • Start of Thief Simulator 2


And here are a few things me and some other people would like to have added to the game sometime.


  • Customisable character(s)
  • Car shop
  • Clothing shop
  • New houses to loot
  • New areas (with new houses)
  • More houses with cars in them
  • Customisable or new hideout
  • Be able to buy houses
  • Customise tools
  • New perks
  • MULTI-PLAYER – Free roam, Challenges, Maybe even races, Steal from other players?
  • Maybe even a workshop where you could upload maps / houses / cars / skins
  • Be able to change the song
  • Longer story


Overall – In my opinion Thief Simulator is one of the best games I have ever played and I will continue to play it until they stop updating it. It has a interesting story but there are many problems with the game, it’s story is also very quick. I do think that the price is a bit too much for such a short game.


This is basically my first review on a game so if there is something I could have done better then please tell me, Thank you

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