DayZ // Disfunctional, Unforgiving, and Extremely Fun

overall score 66 / Wait4Patch
Jul 7, 19  | reviewed by Not Important (1148)

gameplay 70 / story 13 / graphics 95 / sound 99

DayZ, a legendary game known across the gaming landscape for taking the tactical gameplay of Arma and mixing it in with… zombies. I bought it with my friends for the esteemed price of 50$ which for the experience received, I find myself debating whether or not the purchase was worth it or not. So, without any more delaying, let’s talk about the massive amount of negatives the game has.

I hope you know the language, and I hope even more you know how to aim a gun

I should mention something before we continue, DayZ takes place in Chernarus, which is based off the Czech Republic. Why do I mention this? Well because I want you to not make the same mistake I did when I looked at a sign in the game and said, “What in the fucking fuuuuck”? As you can figure out, since the game takes place in the Czech Republic, obviously the signs match the language of the land which is… well Czech. A handy app to help you navigate the map of DayZ is iZurvive which is available on both Apple and Android products. We are not sponsored by the app, and it is completely free. With iZurvive, you have access to the map of DayZ which makes each sign that is in Czech an understandable concept instead of moonspeak written on a blue sign.

Moving on from that, another thing I should mention is that I am reviewing DayZ on PS4, not the PC standalone version nor the PC Arma III mod. So any gripe I express in this review is focused solely on the PS4 version. Okay? Okay. Let’s continue.

Because DayZ is based off the very fun Military Simulator, Arma III, it has mechanics borrowed from it. These mechanics include gunplay, vehicles, and survival aspects such as keeping your character’s hunger and thirst meter down to a minimum. The game’s core feel is very clunky. Not, “Dear god what the fuck?” clunky, more so of a, “Yeah ok.” clunky. The way melee combat works is downright boring and very rigid which makes killing zombies into a little bit of a chore. However killing zombies is a bit of a must as killing zombies is the only reliable source of canned foods and canned sodas along with other rare drops such as magazines for guns and the corresponding ammo, flashlights, batteries, etc. Guns do not offer aim assist in the slightest

Besides zombies, there are two (perhaps three) more creatures that can kill you. Those being other players, wolves, and glitches. There is no outright goal of DayZ, there is no story to be found, there are no NPCs to talk to. The purpose of it all is entirely dependent on what you want to do. But the function of the game is also the limit of it. You can find good gear and go on a killing spree, becoming a bandit. Or you could fix up a car and go on a post-apocalyptic road trip. And the next few updates allow for players to build a house or rather a base in Chenarus, which you could also do. DayZ on PC seems fun and feels like a great survival game. Yet this PS4 version is too glitchy, too clunky. It is still enjoyable but I don’t find myself loving this game like I would love others.

Beauty all around, just don’t look closely.

The only positives I can say about DayZ is that the game is insanely pretty and the lighting effects are very lovely, reminiscent of real life. But if you look closely at each texture, the game looks outdated as hell. The gunplay again is very tight and dependent on your accuracy. Besides this, the games glitches bar any enjoyments. Things like cars killing you, zombies spawning out of nowhere or them entering your hideout by going through the walls. Along with players server hopping and getting all the good loot, it’s all a very mediocre and anger-inducing experience. That’s why I don’t recommend the PS4 version of DayZ until it gets updated and feels more like the PC version

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release date

December 16, 2013