Blink Rogues

Blink Rogues Review // An Arcade Bullet Hell That Gets Old Fast

overall score 68 / Yeah, Sure
Dec 25, 19  | reviewed by Not Important (1148)

A Topdown Bullet Hell with interesting mechanics I haven't seen before.

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gameplay 95 / story 5 / graphics 95 / sound 50

Repetitive Sci-fi music, interesting mechanics and typos constant, welcome to Blink Rogues, a top down arcade bullet hell shooter. A fun one at that but I can’t see myself playing for more than 3 minutes. Let’s talk about that.

The Poor Story

While the artwork for the game is lovely looking, the game has some typos here and there in terms of the story. Speaking of the story, I couldn’t tell you anything about it, and that could entirely blamed on my disinterest in it. After reading how characters speak in the tutorial, which felt disjointed and awkward I no longer paid the story any attention. Then again, who plays a shoot-em-up like this for the story? I’m not, and you shouldn’t either. The story plays like an arcade story, not much work put into it because all the work went into gameplay. How is that gameplay, by the way?

Mechanically Satisfying

Blink Rogues shows mechanics that I’ve seen in other bullet hell games. Such as specific weapons for specific enemies, color coded, of course. But what Blink Rogues brings to the table that no one else has brought, as far as I know is this unique mechanic. The mechanic designed for the multiplayer, the name of the game, the “Blink” mechanic. The screen is divided straight down the middle, a space for player one and player two. The players can blink to the other’s screen and do a couple of things: kill the other player, kill enemies on the opposite players side, and steal power ups. This reminds me of Contra or other classic games that let player two steal a life. Only this time, player two is ending your life.

The multiplayer is fun, as the main objective is one as old as pong itself. Get a higher score than the other player. You can accomplish this by two ways, killing more things, and sabotaging the other player. But what about singleplayer? Well, don’t worry, there is a campaign with a story that as I mentioned above, I don’t much care for. But the levels get harder and more entertaining. Enemies become more complex and come from literally every direction. Behind you, in front, to the sides, etc. Which brings us to the other interesting mechanic I haven’t seen other games implement. You can flip your plane or rather, turn around and shoot behind you. This means that no matter where the enemy approaches, you can turn and face them. I don’t see Touhou doing that.

While playing with a buddy is nice to have, I feel this game could improve from having online multiplayer, that way I can play with friends who are not immediately close to me. But I also understand that games have their limit and perhaps it is too expensive for the studio, Fox Dive Studios to develop online multiplayer.

There’s no fault with the game in terms of coding. Characters, models, enemies, etc, everything acts accordingly. Blink Rogues has only crashed on me once but other than that, the game is functional.

And as for why I can’t play this game for hours on end, I believe that’s just due to personal preferences. I like bullet hells but I don’t really like shoot them ups very much. I know, kind of idiotic to say as the two genres are quite literally brother and sister in terms of game design, but I don’t see myself playing this game as much as I do others.

Right now, the game sets at a$7.99 on Steam, it’s cheap and it’s fun. I suggest you purchasing this if you want to have a fun night with someone you like making angry as you’re stealing their health and killing them in ways that can make some fictional pilots jealous.

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Action, Flying, Shoot 'Em Up



release date

December 16, 2019


Everyone 10+