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Battlefield 1: Turning Tides: Zeebrugge and Heligoland Bight Maps

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Feb 9, 18  | reviewed by JDAWG4LIF3 (1261)

True Naval Combat is Here!

gameplay 99 / story 90 / graphics 99 / sound 99

Battlefield 1 has released Zeebrugge and Heligoland Bight for premium players. They have yet to say when it will be available for players without a season pass or premium membership. When I first saw these maps, I was excited. I believe it was about damn time to have some serious naval battles. It’s one thing to just have a dreadnought enter the action to provide firepower, but full-out naval battles are a thing of beauty. I couldn’t wait to try my hand at these new maps with the new gameplay. The Conquest Assault mode that came with Turning tides is an interesting game mode that takes some hard fighting to get a food hold. I like the idea of having one team start with all the capture points. It’s way more intense this way.

Heligoland Bight is the first map I played, and it’s a pretty good rush. You have a dreadnought for each team, Y-Lighters, Torpedo Boats, L-Class Destroyers, and C-Class Airships. This map is rife with the Battlefield action that is so iconic to the series. You battle it out on beaches with bunkers while the navies go head-to-head. The torpedo boats are essential if you want to take down the enemy destroyer and Dreadnought. On the destroyer side, it is exhilarating to be able to drive such a beast. You are able to close the gap on the two islands in the map and take out some pesky infantry. The best part is to be able to slug it out with another destroyer or dreadnought. The first point that the attacking team will see is a small tower that has a bunker not far from it. This terrain will make combat difficult, as the land is very rocky. I personally like the small island next to the larger one, because it has a nice all-out battle type feel to it. There are two points next to that one that I haven’t played yet but I know a lot of ships slug it out in that area.  On the other side of the map are two points. One is a little piece of land next to the water, and the other is another patch of land with a stranded submarine beached on it. I love the diversity this map brings, because it has different playstyle to work to each player’s advantage.

Zeebrugge is a similar build but this time you are trying to take a German-controlled Polish port. The same type of action goes on with this map, but it is a lot more hectic as a storm disrupts the naval combat. The waves create a dynamic flow of the battle that makes your heart pound as you try to get the best shot before the enemy ship does. You have the main section of the port, a beachhead, and a ship docked next to a wall to invade the port. This ship that is docked is really exciting because it gives you the feeling of really invading an enemy stronghold. But if you get overwhelmed too fast, then you can jump right off the wall into the water between ship and wall. I’ve had some fun shooting back and forth with enemy players as we drift into the sea after ditching our ships. Again, the waves make it hard to get a clean shot.

Let’s talk about the C-Class Airships real quick. These things might be small, but they’re maneuverable and deadly. I’ve only been able to get one spot so far in the airship but it’s probably the most fun. There is a big ass cannon you can pilot under the ship and it rains down some damage. It takes some time to destroy the dreadnoughts and Destroyers with it but it gets the job done. The torpedo boats are most definitely not a challenge for the airship’s cannon. It’s also great to shoot at the airship, but you need to get the job done fast as it’ll quickly turn to take you on. The mixture of naval power with air support makes this map a gem to play.

The destroyers are fun, but you have to watch out for those torpedo boats. Obviously, they excel at taking down the bigger ships. I hate hearing the sound of the torpedo because I can’t do anything about when I’m driving the ship. You really have to rely on people to use the guns on the ship accurately to keep those assholes off you. Besides that, they really fuck shit up when anyone is in range. So, please check these new maps out when you get the chance or when they’re available to you. I had a ton of fun, as I say way too many times in the video. I think you guys will enjoy it!

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October 21, 2016


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