Project Gotham Racing 3

PGR 3 Might Be The Best Racing Game To Date.

overall score 90 / Hell Yes!
Jun 1, 15  | reviewed by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

gameplay 99 / story 1 / graphics 95 / sound 80

If simulation style Gran Tourismo/Forza racing is what you want, go somewhere else. If you like driving cars as fast as they can go, by the seat of your pants and out of control, do not waste your time reading my review, just go buy this game now.

If you’ve made it this far, regardless of my final score, Project Gotham Racing 3 is still a bit of a disappointment to me. It feels unfinished, leaderboards are relatively general and do not go into detail. Where PGR 2 had 500 different boards, it feels like PGR 3 has maybe…10. 100+ races in online career and maybe 25-50 in solo career, and I’ve yet to set a fast time in an car on those tracks? Bullshit! The game is fun yes, but I still feel limited. The racing in itself is a blast though, and the cars are great, beautiful to look at, wondrous to drive, the controls are spot on in this area. But again unlike PGR 2, the sound in PGR 3 is horrible in comparison. Yes, it sounds good, but where PGR 2 had nailed the engine notes, PGR 3 dropped that ball. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but these areas of the game seem to have taken a hit in the transition to the 360 and the need to be ready for the systems launch.

There are some highlights of this game though that are pure brilliance, one being Gotham TV. On Gotham TV you can watch one of four races Live as you would watch the Champ Car or NASCAR race on your TV on any given sunday. In addition the use of the 360’s user rep system is solid as well. I have yet to leave unsporting conduct on a racer and end up racing him again. With so many assholes online these days, its nice to know measures are in place and working to keep the online experience enjoyable. Bizarre has also added a few new race modes, like Kudos Vs Time. In KvT you start the race with a relatively low amt of time to finish the race, usually 33-50% of the time needed for a lap. During the course of the lap you must accumulate Kudo’s by racing with style in order to stop the clock in its tracks. This is just one of many ways this game offers a challenge to even the best racers in the world.

Final Word: PGR 3 has issues, its attention to detail found in PGR 2 has diminished slightly, but it is the most fun racer out now, and for a long time to come. Even with all the complaints I’ve had, this is still a must buy title. If you have an extra $50, even if you don’t, break out that CC and get this game, it IS worth the investment!

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release date

November 15, 2005