Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: A Game for the Ages!

overall score 97 / 
Jun 1, 15  | reviewed by xa0s (1000)

gameplay 90 / story 99 / graphics 95 / sound 80

The beginning of the game is quite important to know what you need to do in the game and how to use the controls. You should pay as much attention to it as you can .It is a very fun game for people who are fans of Action/Adventure games. Many weapons, few vehicles, and many enemies.

A very nice story to it .As I said before you need to pay a lot of attention to the beginning to figure out what has happened and what you are doing .A great story that is somewhat like Star Wars .There is a war going on and you are involved. It is your job to make the difference in the war. As I said, it is much like Star Wars movies. You are with a team that is trying to keep things like they are. You are facing a group of aliens that want to take over Earth.

GREAT graphics. There is much detail to everything. If you look at grass you will NOT see just a green surface. You can see the different blades of grass and different colors of it. Rocks are not just gray blobs .The suits and costumes have details including the little lines .You can see a lot of little details close to perfect. There are many different colors, which help the video. You can see wrinkles on people’s faces. There is a big difference from the usual action/adventure game and Halo. You will see great texturing to the game that must have took hours and hour’s .The audio is very good. It has the right type and beat of music to go with this game .For the parts that something good will happen, you might hear music that has a fast beat. For parts that could be dangerous to your character you might hear music that has a slow beat. The sound is mostly clear, but when hearing the characters you might not be able to hear them clearly. The characters have a little mumble in their voice, which makes it harder to understand them.

Should you play the game after again after you beat it? A very simple answer: YES. The game has 4 different difficulties that could change how good you become in the game. The game is very detailed and with a new difficulty it could quite possibly be better then before. I think that the game is worth playing at least 2 more times after you have beaten it. Halo has a big difference between easy and Heroic (or the difficulty level before Legendary). So I think that after I beat this game I will play it again.

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Action, FPS



release date

November 9, 2001