Dubai Customs And Traditions In Our EYES

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Once populated by Bedouins Desert, Shepherds in the arid mountains and pearl fishermen, today Dubai owes its prosperity to oil. The main port of the Gulf from 1870 to 1940, and the hub of the pearl trade and other products of the region, Dubai is experiencing rapid economic development with the discovery of black gold. The Dubai Reserves were discovered in 1966, the first exports started in 1969.

It was at this time that Britain announced its withdrawal from the region. In 1971, the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qawain, Ajman, Ras al-Khaima and Fujairah formed the federation of the United Arab Emirates.

Engaged in a diversification of its unprecedented economic activities (international finance, free zones, re-export, tourism), Dubai anticipates the planned disappearance of oil.


Do not expect to find a local handicraft inherited from the Bedouins. The handicrafts found in the old city Souks or tourist hotels are mostly imported from neighboring countries (Pakistan, Iran, and Oman). From hookahs to decorated metal trays to leather slippers, the items and products available are nothing special.

In general, visitors bring from Dubai boxes of dates, gold, Pakistani and Indian fabrics, spices, Iranian rugs, Iranian caviar (depending on the price evolution!), or consumer electronics.


Since September 1, 2006, weekend days are Friday and Saturday for all government institutions, as well as for some private companies.

National Day is December 2nd each year. It commemorates the creation of the United Arab Emirates Federation.


In the United Arab Emirates, the official religion is Islam. Dubai has a large number of mosques. Prayer rooms are even installed in shopping malls to perform one of five daily prayers between two shopping.

The city also has two Christian churches: St Mary’s (Roman Catholic) and Holy Trinity (Church of England).

Customs & Savoir

Dress Code:

The men wear a long white cotton long-sleeved garment, which falls to the ankle, known as dishdasha , gandourah or kandoura . It is the most common traditional garment in the United Arab Emirates. It is adapted to the religious beliefs of the region and the hot weather. In winter, dishdashas may be darker and thicker.

As for Emirati women, they also wear a dishdasha , a long-sleeved dress often embroidered with gold, silver or bright colors.

In general, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, and everyone is used to seeing strangers. All the fashions, all the styles of clothing coexist so without problem, in a spirit of tolerance.
However, out of respect for your guests, it is advisable to wear proper clothing. Short sleeves and Bermudas are tolerated in hot weather, as well as swimsuits at the beach and at the pool. Women must however prefer the one-piece swimsuit to the two-piece.
In mosques, pants, long sleeves and scarves on the head for women are de rigueur. Women are sometimes asked to wear an Abaya.


The best way to greet a man is to shake his hand up. A man shaking the hand of a Muslim woman (and vice versa) is considered unacceptable in most circles.


Avoid photographing members of local authorities, Muslim women, military installations and official buildings.

Sensitive topics:

Do not criticize Islam, local authorities, or Palestine (the United Arab Emirates is pro-Palestinian).

Where & How To Go In Dubai: Basics To Sum Up!

To summarize and know what to visit in Dubai, here are a top 10 things to see or experiences to live:

  • Observe Dubai from Burj Khalifa
  • Walk in the souks of Old Dubai to Deira or Bur Dubai, in the north of the city! A must to really visit Dubai …
  • Discover the desert near Dubai during a half-day excursion or more
  • Admire the Dubai Fountain
  • Visit the Dubai Aquarium
  • Go skiing in Dubai, in a mall
  • Spend an evening diner / cruise on a traditional boat
  • Enjoy a Dubai beaches and the high temperature of the water
  • Fly over Dubai by helicopter to become aware of the vastness of the city
  • Have fun and cool off in one of Dubai’s water parks!
  • Our favorite : admire the desert during a balloon flight

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