Nintendo Switch Presentation (Jan 12) Discussion
  • POSTED BY elheber on Jan 11, 2017

    Here’s a quick reminder that tomorrow at 8PM PT (11PM ET) Nintendo is holding an official presentation for the Nintendo Switch. They’re expected to announce an official launch date, a launch price and a list of launch window games. I’ll publish a recap article about it the next morning.

    You can watch the live stream in these places:

    It’s pretty solid that the console will launch in March, and best estimates have it pegged for March 17th. Moreover, the price is expected to be somewhere within the $250-350 range. The games we will likely see include the ones shown in the Switch’s reveal trailer (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an enhanced port of Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 and a new Mario game) plus several third party games from Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA Sports, and many Japanese publishers like Square Enix, Atlus and Bandai Namco. Nintendo probably won’t talk hardware specs too much, but they’re sure to cover the console’s battery life. Insiders have reported it having about 3 hours on a full charge. It’ll have USB-C connection(s) and likely 32GB of internal storage.

    The latest rumors indicate the Switch will have a GameCube virtual console, and the short list of rumored games for it include Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee. On top of all that, it’s rumored we’ll finally have an official Western release of Mother 3 via the Switch’s virtual console as well. There’s even rumor that Pokemon Sun/Moon will get a console port to the Switch in the form of a new version called something like Pokemon Star or some such.

    If there was an award for churning the rumor mill, it would probably go to Laura Kate Dale who reported so much allegedly leaked news that she should probably be put on some sort of CIA watch list. Runner up goes to Eurogamer for tons of leaked info on the Switch’s hardware, including the revelation that the Switch allegedly runs on last-generation Nvidia technology.

    That’s all the stuff that everyone is expecting. What am I expecting? Accessories. Lots and lots of accessories. I think Nintendo is going to keep the price of the Switch low by not including jack shit in the barebones SKU. I’m afraid they’re going to sell a box that has only the tablet, the Joy Cons and a charging cable for $250 (bundled with a game). In this nightmare scenario of mine, the Switch Dock & HDMI cable is sold separately for $50. And/or they have a second SKU with them for $50 more.

    And then there’s the separate Joy Con controller handle attachment, the Switch Pro Controllers, an Ethernet cable adapter and possibly other styles of Joy Cons that attach to the console for “unique gaming experiences.” I’m going into the presentation very wary of this type of stuff.

    What do I want? Games, of course! I want Metroid, I want Smash Bros and I want multiplatform games that will come out for other consoles to come out for the Switch on the same day.  also want Nintendo to announce that all my Virtual Console game purchases on the Wii U will transfer over to the Nintendo Switch. But I’ll settle for just Metroid if I have to.

    That’s about all I have right now. I can’t wait to be able to discuss this thing.

    "A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

    "A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

    POSTED BY xsuicidesn0wmanx on Jan 12, 2017

    You must have missed my post 8 hours ago… Pretty much had most of the same info plus a big list of all the games I found linked to the system plus any source I could find to verify the legitimacy of each title.

    I’ve got the old twitch page setup to watch the stream if you want to watch and chat like we did during E3. Streaming Nintendo on the page with our twitch chat on the right.

    You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.

    You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.
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