Lukie Games is Cancerous to the Retro Gaming Community!
  • POSTED BY xsuicidesn0wmanx on Apr 05, 2016

    Everyone who knows me is quite aware that I am a passionate retro game collector. I love all of the gaming systems I own(over 70 now) and the majority of the 3100 games in my collection, but the Xbox was the first game console I bought myself, which guaranteed it a special place in my heart. When you have a collection as large as mine you tend to start setting goals to challenge yourself, for me it also helps to distract from the overwhelming task of maintaining this beast. So my current goal is to find and add 1 playable copy of every US released retail game on the original Xbox console, 884 in total(I am currently just under 500 so far). This leads me to spend probably way too many hours browsing Ebay for decent pickups to add to my collection. Lately though, my efforts to build my collection have been thwarted by a single ebay user using a sniping program to basically steal every decent ‘lot’ that I have been trying to buy so that they can take the games I need for my collection and sell them at twice their current value.

    As a retro game collector I follow a few of the other big game collectors on YouTube, one of these is MetalJesusRocks(a big time PC game and vinyl collector). Metal Jesus is from the Seattle area which seems to be a hotbed for retro gaming, and as such has a ton of awesome guests on his show to help keep content fresh. One of the features of his show is that he answers questions from his subscribers on YouTube and patreon, and one of those recent questions was about where you could buy retro games online. One of the places they suggested was Lukie Games, which has outrageous prices on some of the hard to find Xbox games, $80 for a game that I have been watching on ebay go for $20-30. But they had some decent prices on some of the more common games I needed so I kept them in the back of my mind while I was hunting.

    Fast forward to last week. I was quite upset to lose out on a bid to a bidder who clearly was not buying games to play them, but rather resell them at a higher cost. All I knew is that their name had a ‘g’ and an ‘a’ in it, and they had 421,541¬†feedback(no one buys that much on ebay). These resellers seek to profit from the hobby I enjoy so much. They scoop up all of the deals they can find in the name of the almighty dollar, at the expense of genuine game fans who might actually enjoy those games. They don’t care about the customer they just lost who might have spent hundreds of dollars in their store over the next couple of years, they only care that they just bought $450 worth of games that they can ‘markup’ to well over $1200.

    In my frustration I decided to head over to Lukie Games ebay store to put a bunch of games in my cart so that I could say I at least got SOME games towards my current goal. Being so close to my goal I have started buying some of the games in alphabetical order, so I immediately jumped on Aeon Flux and went to add it to my cart. Except when I got to the listing I noticed something, this game store I was about to buy 10 or 20 games from had the exact same amount of feedback, 421,541. I go back to verify the number tied to the auction I just lost on, and it’s 421,542, I refresh the Aeon Flux listing and Lukie Games now has 421,542 feedback. So I close out their store page and vow not to buy from them again, hoping that is the end of it. Except it happens again, I try to go bigger, put in a $500 bid on a lot that had 16 games I needed with intent to increase my bid to $600 if necessary, yet once again a bidder with an ‘l’ and an ‘i’ in their name and 421,688 feedback swoops in with a two bids less than 1 second from auction end to take the games right out of my hands. I head over to their store page and sure enough, 421,688 feedback. The games I wanted would cost me $432.88 if I bought all 16 separately, and the other 10 games I didn’t need had a total value of about $200. These same games will now get listed on Lukies site for about $2000, or roughly $1270 profit for them, which is probably less than the amount of money they would have been¬†getting from me.

    Honestly I had no real intention to find this reseller who was trying to profit off of my love for gaming, and I figure that I will eventually get the games I want at a fair price, just not a Lukie Games prices. What Lukie Games is doing though is price gouging. They are buying up the hard to find retro games and driving the price to 200-300% of their current value. I understand that they are a business and need to make a profit, but if you buy a game for $20 I don’t expect to pay $89.99 to buy that same item. Most honest game stores will tell you straight up they’re paying 50% for what they can sell it for, if you bring them a $30 game, they will pay you $15 and sell it for $30, not $90.

    I’m sure they’ll sell those games to someone, and I feel sorry for that person, because they’re being ripped off in the name of pure greed. But it won’t be me, and I hope it won’t be any of you. If you want to collect retro games, do your research so you don’t get screwed over by greedy resellers like Lukie Games.


    You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.

    You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.

    POSTED BY elheber on Apr 05, 2016

    I’d never heard of auction sniping until this topic. Seems like they’ve definitely been at it a while:

    "A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

    "A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."
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