Final Fantasy XV - Impressions
  • POSTED BY Joel Castro on Dec 30, 2016

    So, I finally got to the final act of Final Fantasy 15000.134, and here’s my current thoughts on what it does and doesn’t do well.



    – ABSOLUTELY gorgeous scenery to behold! The graphics are top-notch, the art style is very much Final Fantasy, and there’s not a single place that looks harsh on the eyes.

    – Main story is simple, easy to follow, and well-written for the most part, though it still JRPGs about as hard as any other JRPG.

    – Great sympathetic characters all around, including the main 4 of Gladiolus, Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto. They really do seem like they’ve been friends for years, and their banter is downright entertaining to listen to.

    – In spite of what he looks like, Noctis is a good main protagonist. He only angsts whenever needed for the plot, and has a great sense of humor about most anything he encounters.

    – Heart-pounding, non-stop action style gameplay that’s easy to learn, yet has enough depth to really get the most out of each encounter. Plus, it looks flashy as hell.

    – Unique leveling mechanic that forces you to pause and figure out when is the right time to keep going or rest and gain experience for tougher encounters.

    – Partner AI is pretty good at keeping itself alive and delivering successful tactics…most of the time.

    – Leveling and advancement system is well designed and feels as though you’re growing in power as opposed to fiddling around with specific builds.

    – Ignis’s cooking. Seriously, that shit makes me super hungry every time I look at it.

    – Prompto’s snapshots throughout the adventure. That is all.

    – Lots of side quests to gain loot from, including the return of monster hunts from Final Fantasy 12 (my personal favorite game in the series).



    – Combat camera tends to go all over the place. Doesn’t help that the lock-on isn’t as tight as in other games.

    – (iffy) Voice acting, while pretty good, tends to go towards the campy side at times. Take however you will.

    – Partner AI sometimes stands right in the danger zone and gets KO’d too quickly.

    – While well-written, the story kinda struggles by the final act, feeling a bit rushed when things start to get interesting.

    – Certain awesome characters needed more development shown, especially the main villain.

    – Wait mode feels completely unnecessary if you’re used to action games, and too wonky if you’re not.

    – Dungeons could’ve been better implemented. They feel too linear and short compared to the rest of what the game offers.


    What are everyone else’s opinions, in case you played the game? I personally am loving every minute of the game, in spite of the more obvious flaws.

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