Favorite Video Game series?
  • POSTED BY Joel Castro on May 20, 2016

    Just look at the title. What video game series have you played that you’re the most fond of? I’m talking about the ones where almost all the entries were awesome to play and have left a lasting impression on you. Me, I have a few:


    • Soulsborne (Demon’s, Dark, and Bloodborne) – the incredible combat gameplay is what hooked me, and what kept me coming back was the cryptic lore, amazing level design, and challenging myself to try new strategies and builds.
    • Dragon Age – Regardless of whether this is generic fantasy or not, the world of this series has gripped me since day one. That, and the characters, stories, and even elements of the gameplay.
    • Kingdom Hearts – The combat is unbelievably good, as are the settings and the enemy variety. I only wish the story was somewhat comprehensible.
    • Uncharted – Pulp adventure at its finest, with some of the best writing, characters, visuals, and third-person gunplay in gaming that I’ve personally found.
    • Batman: Arkham – I never expected a superhero game to be good until this series. It was the excellent combat that made this game fantastic, but the narrative, world-building, atmosphere, and the characters all solidified my belief that this is the greatest superhero game series ever created.
    • Assassin’s Creed – Sure, the story is getting ridiculous at this point, but I still enjoy the gameplay immensely, as well as the free-roaming, visuals, and the little history lessons you get.
    • The Legend of Zelda – Besides the near pitch-perfect gameplay, world-building, characters, and level design?
    • Metroid – same as the above, but add in some extremely immersive atmosphere along with it.


    And…that’s it for now. How about everyone else (all 2 of you)?

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