Discuss the The Last Jedi Trailer #2!
  • POSTED BY Fudge Golem on Oct 10, 2017

    The new trailer for Star Wars – The Last Jedi came out last night, and it looks amazing. Probably full of misdirection to get the hype train rolling and fans talking, but  it’s going to be tasty.

    I’m a life long Star Wars fan, but I think this is a make or break point for Disney as far as how they will fare with the Star Wars legacy. Of course this is going to make a deathstar full of money for them, and the series will print money for the next few decades, but storywise this movie is critical if Star Wars will continue to be great, or if it will be a slow decline into mediocrity.

    I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, even though it was an A New Hope rehash. The characters were relatable, and the story is still classic. Rey was way too powerful at the start of a series, but otherwise it was great. Rogue One was visually stunning, but the characters were all non-existent, so I couldn’t care too much about the plot-driven story. But it was the first side story, so a mis-step is forgivable.

    So to me, The Last Jedi is an important point for them to take all that they have learned and tell a new great story in the Star Wars universe. Or play it safe with a Empire Strikes Back rehash and become another safe money maker for the masses.
    We shall see!



    What do you all think?

    POSTED BY Fudge Golem on Oct 10, 2017

    My link didn’t work, take 2!

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