Batman v Superman Could Have Been Good If...
  • POSTED BY elheber on Mar 27, 2016

    If you want to see the movie, back out right now. This is for people who either have seen it, or don’t care about seeing it.

    BvS: DoJ gets a lot of things wrong, and one of the bigger problems is that it tries to do too much. Louis Lane has a pointless sidequest, Lex Luthor makes no sense, Doomsday suffers from the “Last 15 Minute Villain” syndrome, and Batman & Superman only fight for 8 minutes. I have a short list of simple changes that would have made this a good movie.

    1. Drop Lex Luthor and Doomsday

    The movie doesn’t need Lex to make Batman and Superman fight; those two would have clashed without his help. This Batman has been fighting the worst criminals for 20 years and he’s been pushed so far over the edge that he kills and even considers himself a criminal. His moral compass is broken and his faith in mankind was lost. Every hero he has known has either died or turned into a villain… now the newest “hero” could end the world on a whim and he’s a ticking clock. This is enough for them to fight for real reasons, and it frees up more movie time to focus on the two of them. Better yet, it gives them a chance to grow as characters, allowing for Superman to restore Batman’s faith in others and for Batman to restore Superman’s faith in humanity.

    2. Bruce Wayne v Clark Kent

    There was a lot of potential to set up a fight between their alter egos. Superman is more powerful than Batman, but Bruce Wayne is more powerful than Clark Kent. The world’s greatest detective would have immediately been on the case to find out who Superman really was in order to find his weaknesses, and it would have set up an excellent dynamic where Bruce has the upper hand just by using his intellect and charisma… perhaps buying The Daily Planet to make Clark’s job a living hell, perhaps romancing Louis Lane to make Clark worry. Did this movie’s Batman even find out Superman’s identity before Superman dies?

    3. Louis Lane Becomes Central

    For the first half of the movie she is put on a snipe hunt, and on three separate occasions she is a damsel in distress. What a waste of a great character. With the Lex plot dropped, her part in being Superman/Clark’s grounding force can be more fleshed out. Superman is in the middle of a personal crisis, not knowing how to handle becoming a god. He can’t be everywhere at once and eventually people start to look up at the sky when they’re in trouble, only to find no rescue. It eats at him and Louis Lane is essential to his sanity. Moreover, when Bruce Wayne starts besieging Clark’s personal life, the worlds greatest investigative reporter can counter his political assault. Plus, as she uncovers Bruce’s history for the audience, we get to see the story of why Batman dropped his moral code.

    4. Pronounce the Darkseid Visions

    The Flash basically came in to say, “save the reporter; save the world.” And then that just gets forgotten. WHY? In that bleak future everything that Bruce fears has come true. Batman becomes a soldier of war, superhuman monsters have nearly destroyed mankind, and Superman is a ruthless all-powerful dictator. The fight to prevent that future could have been Act 3. Instead of a dream, the movie makes it clear it was a message sent by a telepath with the time-travel help of the Flash and Cyborg. With this broken message, Batman thinks the solution is to destroy the Fortress of Solitude and the Kryptonian ships along with Superman. Perhaps he succeeds in one of the two and it horribly saddens and enrages Superman to see fragments of his homeworld lost forever. It’s in this final battle, as Batman is beating the dukes out of Superman, that Louis Lane is (apparently) killed. This is the turning point where Superman goes berserk and puts both Batman and Wonder Woman on the defensive, seemingly unable to manage his most brutal assault.

    5. Resolve Batman and Superman’s Internal Struggles

    By the end of the movie as you saw it, Batman/Bruce still is not given reason to trust superhumans. Superman/Clark dies for some reason and his internal struggle wasn’t even solved beforehand. And Wonder Woman/Diana isn’t given a believable reason to team up with Batman. There’s no resolution! What needed to happen was for Batman and Superman to find out that they need each other with or without a mutual villain. Superman realizes that he could indeed turn evil and he needs Batman to keep him in check. Batman, who had been crime fighting through fear and intimidation, finally sees hope as a powerful and much needed service that Superman provides.

    By the end of the movie, there would have already been a team of three heroes with legitimate reasons to support each other. And the setup for the other Justice League characters wouldn’t have felt so out-of-place. It would have earned that Dawn of Justice subtitle.

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    "A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

    "A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."
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