Another slow week
  • POSTED BY Joel Castro on Oct 05, 2016

    Well, I guess that’s common this time of year, not to mention the numerous changes the site is undergoing. So, with that in mind, UPDATE TIME!

    – Dark Souls 3 review coming soon. At the final boss (super challenging), and should get it up this weekend…though it may be postponed due to Hurricane Matthew coming over tomorrow night.

    – On top of that, I do also plan to purchase the Ashes of Ariandel DLC soon, as well as Artorias of the Abyss for the original game. I’d love to see how these enhance each game like The Old Hunters did for Bloodborne.

    – Just got Resident Evil HD on PS+, which is…admittedly the one RE game I’ve yet to play aside from the spinoffs. Hopefully it’s actually scary unlike 5 and 6.

    – Also need to play through Blood & Wine for The Witcher 3. Started a new game on Death March difficulty, so it might be a while. I loved Hearts of Stone, however, so I expect amazing things from this last expansion.

    POSTED BY xsuicidesn0wmanx on Oct 05, 2016

    I’ve been spending a bit more time playing games the past few weeks than working on the site, so I’m somewhat prepared for the incoming barrage of gaming goodness. Mafia III dropping in 2 days, with Gears 4 right after that, and I’ve still got to finish the final boss and last platforming stage in ReCore. Plus I just got the Modern Warfare Remaster on PS4 today, about halfway through the campaign. Sadly MP mode is not included in the early access. :(

    If you liked the original CoD4, you’ll enjoy this one a lot. I would dare say they didn’t touch anything beyond graphics. The game controls exactly the same as I remember, and instantly puts every other CoD game to shame. It is no surprise Activision will not sell this separately. This game is just too damn good, and will most likely draw the most attention from CoD fans. Simply shocked Activision didn’t fuck this one up.

    You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.

    You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.

    POSTED BY Joel Castro on Oct 06, 2016

    Hey, Activision is always on-point when it comes to their top franchises. It’s everything else that they ignore and let become worse (*cough* Prototype *cough*)

    POSTED BY Rex ranae on Oct 06, 2016

    I’d be here more – but my life is insane right now. Working a full time and a second part time job while applying for multiple jobs per week…

    Barely any time to game, or write. I did finish Unfinished Swan the other day, though – really enjoyable, despite its flaws (kind of goes out on a whimper, although not as badly as I expected from older reviews)

    POSTED BY kaenna on Oct 06, 2016

    Glad to hear that the CoD4 remaster hasn’t been ruined. I loved that game but since then I haven’t particularly enjoyed CoD. In terms of games I picked up Street Fighter V a couple of days ago as my friend has been pestering me for a while. Issue is I’ve never really touched the genre before so trying to learn everything thats going on is a slow process. It’s incredibly fun though! I’ve also been continuing to play WoW: Legion which suprisingly still has me hooked with a plethora of content, and I’ve been following the League of Legends World Championship series which has been great.

    Aside from gaming just the usual, relatively busy at work and super busy with my game dev project which we’re still hoping to get a demo finished for in the next 4-6 weeks.

    No future games coming out that I’m too interested in until Dishonored 2, so at least I’m not too snowed under with new releases!

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