Shooting the Shit State of the Site July 2016 Reply To: State of the Site July 2016

POSTED BY shadowchronicle on Jul 21, 2016

Actually I started some work on the forums yesterday, trying to get the designer to come up with a look for this area that fits the theme of the main site. I’ve got a blog post for the Summer Updates in the Blog area that shows some of the updates I hope to work on in the near future. If I can get the designer off his ass, updating the look of this area and user Emblems are at the top of his todo list. I’ve also got some feelers out with a few more unhappy GameSpot users who I am hoping can help me with new ideas we can use to make this site even better. This is where the idea for Emblems came from, I was always on GameSpot but not daily until 2013, so I was using the site but not enough to notice all of the features GS lost in 2013.


That’s pretty cool too. I’m really starting like how this site is building up and I’m glad I joined. Every time I visit there’s always new content and it feels home made rather than “I was paid by EA to make this article”.

oh btw there’s a problem with blogs as far as formatting goes, I tried adding some sidebar images but they would not appear in my blog and there’s a header in my blog that is made of white text so you can’t even read what the text says. I tried adding colors too but that did not work either.