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POSTED BY elheber on Jul 19, 2016

Soon enough I’ll click on more titillating links (no pr0n of course). There are mysterious ones out there. Once I found one of a big booty Olympian, and some minor detective work brought me to the fact the succulent butt was photoshopped. A “racy” prom dress was actually a normal prom dress edited with more cleavage. And an unbelievably hot pro tennis player was just an unbelievably hot porn model pretending to play tennis. Things like that are what intrigue me. Getting tricked into clicking.

I won’t post actual porn or gore pics, nor direct links. But that’s the magic… these viral ad people found pics of the nastiest looking food that triggers the same part of our brains that gore does. The same goes for hot women… sometimes what you thought was a g-string phat booty at first was actually a lamp. It’s fascinating.

There’s a world to explore out there, sn0w. A mysterious world of pseudo-porn and surprisingly tame shock images. We’re going on a journey.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."