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POSTED BY elheber on Jul 17, 2016

I think the most skilled reviewers are the ones that can communicate why they feel a certain way to the reader via examples. I’ll watch even real professionals drone on about the negatives of a game and end up giving it a 8.6/10… and the way they described the game makes me feel like it was worth a 6.0 or so. I believe that reviewer did think the game was 8.6 good, but he failed to communicate why. Similarly, someone could give it a really high score but fail to describe why he thought it was so great.

The way I see it, everyone finishes playing a game with a very certain feeling of how much he enjoyed the game. Being able to tell us on a scale how much you enjoyed the game is the easiest and probably most accurate part, while putting those feelings into words for other people by enumerating all the things you did and didn’t like gets extremely hard.

So if a reviewer gave a game a 50/100, I’m very likely to assume that is exactly how he felt. If the reviewer then “nitpicked” things that wouldn’t bother me, then I can either assume those things bother him more than they do me OR they didn’t actually bother him as much and he just wasn’t able to pinpoint what other specific thing was actually bothering him. In either case, I see the 50% score as accurate.

It isn’t nitpicking that drops your view of a game. Instead, your view of the game is what it is, and the way you rationalize it to others could seem like nitpicking (to them).

I also think that, generally speaking, being favorable and giving games a higher score than they deserve is just as common as being harsh and giving games a lower score than they deserve. That is to say, overrated games are just as common as unfairly overcriticized games. I tend to look at unusually highly rated games with extreme suspicion… games like That Dragon, Cancer, for example.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."