Shooting the Shit Welcome to Gamelust, Introduce yourself here! Reply To: Welcome to Gamelust, Introduce yourself here!

POSTED BY Rex ranae on Jul 16, 2016

Hi everyone!

Just signed up, and I hope to contribute some fun content over time. I’m a researcher by day (and night… and weekends… if you know academics then you know from where I’m coming), and have one too many hobbies on my plate at any given time as well. But I’ve been gaming since the late 1980s, and it remains one of my primary means of relaxation. I’m a big fan of games of most genres, on both consoles and PC, so I don’t have any specific angle. While I am currently and actively playing new games, I love retro gaming, so hopefully I can contribute some interesting thoughts on both the new and the old facets of the gaming landscape.


– Giovanni