Shooting the Shit Gaming Life Update Reply To: Gaming Life Update

POSTED BY elheber on Jul 16, 2016

On that is where we stand on different sides. You two make critical reviews of a product, while I make buyer recommendations. You can separate a game’s overall quality from its marketing, but I have to manage the expectations of the potential consumers. If a game advertised that it had big booty hoes, I have to mention in my review that there are no big booty hoes, lest someone buy it with false expectations of exorbitant booty. In several years your review will continue to make perfect sense, while my review will make people think, “why is he talking about big booty hoes?”

It’s a trade-off.

I am NOT saying my 89% score is inaccurate or less timeless. The game is IMHO an 89% game without any relation to how the game was marketed. The sometimes jank pacing, the sometimes jank controls, the disconnect between game & narrative, and a slew of other minor problems that I didn’t mention (because my review was only a buyer’s guide) is what made it not be a near perfect game. The way the game was marketed was a separate thing.

PS. Ludonarrative disconnect is what made you slow down to hunt for hidden treasures when the story had Nate supposedly be in a hurry to save someone… in a story with morals about the avarice for treasure leading to downfall, no less.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."