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POSTED BY elheber on Jul 12, 2016

…when you have the camera sideways, Nate all of a sudden doesn’t know in which direction to climb. At times like this, games either have it so pointing in the direction of the wall makes you climb up it, away from a wall makes you climb down it. For Uncharted 4, when you point the analog up the game doesn’t know if you mean you want to climb up the wall or sideways along the wall, so you get those moments where you think your inputs make total sense but Nate is just humping the wall like a madman until you put the camera on his back.

My largest gripe with the game is how late they introduced the climbing piton and how little it was used. It’s another pacing issue as well. You get it right before finding Sam at the end of chapter 13 (?) and entering Libertalia at the start of the next chapter. Do you remember ever using the climbing piton in the abandoned town? In fact, I don’t think we used it once in the entire city, including the palace, the ambush, the fight with Nadine, all the way to getting separated from Sam and joining Elena. How bass-ackwards is it to introduce a new game mechanic and promptly forget about it for several chapters.

I loved using that thing. It gave rock climbing a more urgent and rhythmic feel. What the Batman Arkham games did with freeflow/counters for fighting is what the climbing piton did for climbing. Now you had to alternate and time button presses. It was like you were stringing together combos as you climbed. It was almost a sin how little it was used. Such a thing should have been introduced as early as the chapter stealing the crucifix or at least right after when looking for Avery’s grave.

The only excuse I can think of is that it was only conceived late into development when most areas were already in near completion, so they could only add the mechanic to the routes between those crucial areas. Admittedly, that’s a fantastic excuse. I couldn’t blame them if that was the case. But that s*** pissed me off while I played the game. I could only be thankful for what little I did get of the piton.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."