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POSTED BY elheber on Jul 11, 2016

Let’s do Uncharted 4 then. I didn’t get to see your overall score, but you gave it 97 for gameplay and 99 for everything else so I’m guessing you’d give it a 97 or 98/100 overall. I myself gave it an 89/100, just under the 90% threshold. Let’s debate that 8% margin.

I thought the pacing for U4 was all over the place. Sometimes it was really good and sometimes it was really awful. The very beginning and the very end of the game stand out as the worst parts in terms of pacing. In terms of narrative, the opening in media res of them on the boat was completely out of place. In Uncharted 2, Nate woke up surprised to see himself shot and dangling over a cliff… same as the player felt. In U4, Nate knows whats going on but you, the player, doesn’t. It starts without a setup and it ends without a setup. It’s like the opening in Among Thieves was planned from the start while the opening in A Thief’s End was a last-minute mad scramble to find something, anything, to put at the start to not bore the player.

And then the end… it never ramped up to a climax. In Zelda games for example, last few rooms before the final boss isn’t a series of slow puzzles, but a gauntlet of previously beaten bosses one after another until you reach the massive final door. At the end of U4, you’re taking a leisurely trek through the scenic mountain region and swiming in calm waters with nary an enemy for almost an hour. And then you’re suddenly at the final boss fight. Surprise. Oh, and here’s a new way of fighting you’ve never done before.

For narrative/game design sins, those are not massive fuck-ups or anything, but they stood out like a sore thumb.

I have a laundry list of minor complains from the game, that I was surprised didn’t affect anyone else’s enjoyment. The AI often knew where I was without being able to see me: I recorded myself moving along the back of a wall to try to flank the last guy, and the guy just re-positioned himself and started firing at the place I had yet to pop out of. When you make them suspicious, instead of investigating they just stare in your direction for a few seconds and claim there was nothing there. “You didn’t even properly look, you lazy bum,” I think to myself.

Climbing can be extremely finicky if you don’t turn the camera just right. When you have your camera sideways… oh, 5pm. I took too long. Gotta go. I will finish later.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."