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POSTED BY xsuicidesn0wmanx on Jul 11, 2016

I believe I mentioned this in the Error Reporting section last week, but I am hopefully on the way to getting over my health issues that have plagued me for the past 6 months. I had a severe Vit D deficiency that left me feeling completely drained almost the entire day while also battling insomnia. I’m not entirely over it but I feel a lot better and plan to get back to work on the site now that we’ve moved to a more stable host. I’ve got a few things to fix, and I want to address the poor spacing on the mobile menu and the links in that menu that lead to half-finished pages.

I just finished Homefront: The Revolution last night and played a few rounds of Resistance Mode afterwards. I’ll probably be scoring the game in the 65-70 range for my review if I can find a way to write enough about it before I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say. I think the game could have been a 75-80 if it didn’t have some rather annoying bugs & glitches. There are some severe initial load time issues that get worse the farther you get into the game, plus the game freezes every time it auto-saves. Other than that it wasn’t bad and the story was average to above average, it had a strong beginning and ending but the rest was just filler. I think if they give Dambuster another shot at Homefront with no interruptions they will create something on par with Call of Duty and Battlefront. Though to be honest I’d rather see them make TimeSplitters 4.

My plan for the near future is to revisit Red Dead Redemption on my X1, and finish off Mad Max finally.

elheber: I don’t think there is anything wrong with having another article with a negative tone to it as long as it is constructive like master suggested. Try to offer ideas you feel would work better for the game compared to the ideas you’re unsure of.

mastermetal777:¬†We already disagree on The Order: 1886 and Half-Life 2 though I’m not so sure we’d make for a good debate. I don’t think I’m a normal gamer based on how many ‘bad games’ I tend to enjoy. And I don’t mean this in a sense of my liking games you don’t, rather how often I find a way to enjoy a game the general consensus deems bad.

You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.

You're all zombie thigh-fat people brought into animation by some evil force of forceful evil!!! - Happy Noodle Boy.