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POSTED BY elheber on Jun 01, 2016

No, Lara can’t get away with it either. I’ve heard that defense, but her games have been criticized for almost the same issue. One minute she’s struggling with the thought of taking an animal’s life, and then in the gameplay you’re blowing animals up with explosive arrows. On the one side she’s conflicted about killing people, but on the other side the player gets brutal finishing move upgrades for extra XP oh la la.

I was able to 100% stealth sections in U4, but I never was able to skip fights. The button prompt (to grapple for example) into the next area just doesn’t show up until I take everyone down. Maybe I just got unlucky and all the events I tried it in just didn’t have that option. And I want to reiterate that the issue isn’t how many people Nate kills, but instead how the story pretends he doesn’t. In fact, it’s still only a minor annoyance to me, and the real reason it bothers me is the denial from people who say it isn’t actually a problem. If Druckmann would just say, “yeah, it’s a narrative concession we make in order to have fantastic and untethered combat while still keeping Nate a lovable hero persona we want him to be,” then I would fucking agree 100%. But instead he says, “Indiana Jones killed like twelve people, so this is the same thing. There is no issue.”

Ludonarrative harmony is an actual game design concept. One of the greatest things about Batman: Arkham Origins is how fun it makes beating bad guys up and then how


the Joker calls out your hypocrisy for being almost as much a sadist as he is… and then you satisfyingly give him a brutal beat down to really drive home the point. You won. You won but he won because he’s right. You aren’t beating up criminals to fight crime; you’re doing it because you enjoy it.


It’s genius.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."