Shooting the Shit What Are You Currently Playing? Reply To: What Are You Currently Playing?

POSTED BY Joel Castro on Jun 01, 2016

Nate probably wanted to forget about his brother’s “death”, since it happened in one of the worst possible ways. That’s actually how some people deal with grief: choosing to forget it ever happened and moving on with their lives. Joel from The Last of Us did the exact same thing with every single tragedy he suffered through, if you remember. So that’s actually a pretty believable thing.


As for the spoiler, remember that the brothers are fighting to keep themselves alive. They’re not killing in cold blood, they’re killing soldiers for their own survival. It’s not like they go to every threat they encounter and decide “he’s gonna get in my way; better shoot em and take them out before they become a problem.” Hell, Nate had reservations in the second game about killing the guards from the intro level, because he doesn’t kill unless his life is in danger, therefore he must fight back. Now, obviously, it being a game, you can shoot enemies first, but think of it this way: would these mercenaries even reconsider trying to kill the Drakes? Of course not, because they have their orders to shoot on sight, in every scenario. Plus, if you hear the soldier dialogue when in stealth, you hear them saying things that implies they enjoy killing and torturing and fighting. Do you really feel bad about killing people like that? I’ve never understood that argument, personally, since it’s one of those acceptable breaks from reality meant to facilitate gameplay. Plus, there’s even a trophy in the game that pokes fun at the argument once you kill 1000 enemies total.


I understand your frustrations, but I think you’re missing the subtext here and there. That, or I’m overthinking things like always. Either possibility exists.