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POSTED BY elheber on May 06, 2016

RE: Arkham Knight DLC Spoilers

Immortality is one of those odd ones for Batman. He doesn’t kill but making someone immortal isn’t his MO either. He doesn’t use the Lazarus Pit himself after all.


This is the type of excellent writing that I love in games. There’s no easy choice to make.

However, I’m of the mind that an even better writer would let Batman pull a Hank Hill and find a solution to an impossible problem. It’s the type of thing Judge Dredd does in Dredd (2012) where his sense of justice is tested against itself. He’s given an impossible dilemma: a choice between A or B and he thinks outside to box and chooses C. If you give Batman the Trolley Problem where he either has to do nothing and passively let 5 people die, or do something and actively kill 1 person to save those other 5, Batman would outsmart everyone (including the audience) and save the 5 people without killing the 1 person. And then the villain would shout, “that’s impossible.”

That’s the type of portrayal of Batman I like to see. The scenario writers that don’t let him do this, I think, do a disservice to his legendary status.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."