Shooting the Shit Welcome to Gamelust, Introduce yourself here! Reply To: Welcome to Gamelust, Introduce yourself here!

POSTED BY NaughtyOttsel on Apr 15, 2016

Hey there, guess I’ll join in too.

My name is David, I’ve been a gamer since I was around 3 to 4 years old when my dad first let me try his SEGA Mega Drive and ever since I first saw Sonic run through those loop de loops I’ve been hooked. I’m currently at University learning in the technical support field of Computing and even to this day I’m still a hardcore gamer.

I’m currently battling depression and just recently got a lung transplant so I tend to get rather opinionated which usually ends up with rather venomous conversations (trying to improve myself on that field).

I prefer Japanese games over Western games so even though I play on any platform it usually boils down to the PS4, PC and WiiU for me since those are home to my absolute favourite IPs such as Ace Attorney, Zelda, Final Fantasy and more.

That’s all from me, hope to chat soon.