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POSTED BY elheber on Mar 29, 2016

The forums have some serious color and formatting issues.

And if you go in there, I think you could use an [optional] alternate color scheme for the forums that look more like the colors on the article/review layouts. It might just be my personal experiences but the white-on-dark has this almost cheap look because (at least for me) they’ve always been the colors of small community forums for clans and servers, while all the major ones use dark text on light backgrounds. There’s got to be a reason all major websites, especially social ones, all use standard dark-on-light text.

I want to stress that I’m aware this is likely just a personal thing and I’m only suggesting it because you’ll have to go into the CSS eventually.

On another note, I’m linking to this site carefully more and more. I’m not spamming links on GS but if I happen to post something here first, then when I post a copy/summary of it on GS, I’m fully in my right to post a link to the original. Par exemple, if I make a review here and post a summary of it on my personal blog on GS, and since the summary needs the link to the source then the source is posted to the forms by matter of consequence. It’s a small form of publicity but it’s completely legitimate.

We’d discussed the chicken & egg scenario and how I’ve no illusions of it blowing up instantly. I think the rest of what I want to say I’d like to say through PM, which coincidentally will let me get a feel for PMs on GL. Give me a moment…

EDIT: There’s no PM feature yet? If it’s there but inaccessible or hiding, or just not there yet, then I see something you should work on next. I’ll PM you on GS.

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"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."