Shooting the Shit Why I Find Metal Gear Solid Overrated Reply To: Why I Find Metal Gear Solid Overrated

POSTED BY elheber on Mar 07, 2016

I was about to say the same thing about Splinter Cell. Once I played that; using the shadows and a realistic human cone of vision, all from a 3rd person perspective, I was sold.

When I went back to the original MGS, I could not even. I just couldn’t even. The controls were so clunky, even compared to Splinter Cell which are now somewhat clunky as well. Today, Splinter Cell hasn’t had a good game in so long that I favor MGS again.

I never beat any MGS game up until Portable Ops on the PSP. This was the first game you had to recruit your army and that was such a strong draw for me that I put up with the controls and convoluted story. I was knocking fuckers out and dragging their limp bodies to a truck left and right. I retried a boss fight a dozen times (at least) trying to capture him alive so I can put his ice-power having ass on my team. It was the first game where going non-lethal just made sense to me.

The same sentiment goes for Peace Walker and most recently MGS5. Something about capturing soldiers to build your army just speaks to me. I’ll put up with the awkward controls (MGS5 isn’t that bad in this regard), the nonsensical convoluted plot lines with more named characters than… I can’t even think of any comparison, and the fanbase. I’ll put up with all that because there was just something about those 3 games and only those 3 games.

So I’ve always assumed that everyone who likes the other games has a similar draw that lets them put up with the series problems in their own way.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."