Shooting the Shit Most underrated PS4 titles? Reply To: Most underrated PS4 titles?

POSTED BY Joel Castro on Mar 01, 2016

As far as underrated, I would have to go with Killzone: Shadow Fall. One, it is absolutely beautiful to look at, and not just from a graphical standpoint. The art design alone is nothing short of spectacular. Two, yes the story isn’t very strong, but neither were they strong in the first 3 Killzone titles. It’s a fun story that gets the job done and even has some interesting things to say here and there. Three, the gameplay is actually really well done (aside from the gimmicky and pointless motion control sections), doing a good job of blending linear corridor shooting with a more open-ended Far Cry style of play in the larger combat zones. Is it better than most shooters? Depends on what you’re comparing it to, but I certainly had fun with it.


I would say The Order: 1886, but after playing it…I have to give it my thumbs down. I have a review of it posted if you want to know my full thoughts on it, but I thought it was a pretty, but thoroughly disappointing affair overall.