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POSTED BY elheber on Dec 07, 2015

God, this game is really working me over. It’s been twice already that the game just ruins my shit in the way it handles quests. I got “stuck” for at least 2 hours thinking I didn’t have the requirements met to get the next story quest because the fucking icon to start it is red combined with the fact it doesn’t mention if you’ve completed the requirements.


Think about this: A quest has a list of requirements next to the details and when you try to start it, it says you haven’t met them. So you go out and make sure you complete the tasks only to find out there’s no way of knowing if you’ve completed the tasks or not. You go back to the quest marker and it’s still red and the information still says those tasks are required. I racked my brain for hours until I found out you just have to accept to the next screen where it tells you you’ve met the requirements. Why list the requirements if I’ve already met them? If you were going to list them, why not have checkmarks to know which ones I’ve completed?


The other time the questing system screwed me was just now. The way it works is that when you accept a special type of side quest, you can’t change party members until it’s completed. So essentially, once you accept these quests, you HAVE to finish them before you’re allowed to do any main quests or important quests. As long as these side quests aren’t stupidly unfair, it really shouldn’t be a problem. So I had no issues with it until this one particular short and easy quest which, right at the end, gives you a choice to finish the quest there or “do it right”. I chose to do the whole thing and it gave me a fetch quest. FETCH QUESTS IN THIS GAME ARE THE WORST. When it gave me 3 sets of items to get to finish the quest, I prayed to all the gods that they’d already be in my inventory because that’s the only way to beat these quests. NOPE. Only one set was in my inventory, the second set was a mining operation which I had to set some things in some specific places and wait, and the last set turned out to be after a lot of internet-research to be two of a rare drop from a specific set of enemies that only spawn in one place. So I sat there grinding for over an hour, killing the same 3 enemies and then reloading the area so they could spawn again before I just gave up. So now I’m grinding a special multiplayer currency that lets you buy items from other players. That’s insane.


So while I was doing my research to solve my problem, I read the rewards for this quest. Turns out, there are no extra rewards for doing it “the right way” and in fact the bonuses are worse. I took on a side quest that forces you to complete it, was given a vague choice about how I want to complete it, and was given an unfair task that requires 3 types of grinding to finish. GAH!!


I like the game, but I needed to vent these frustrations.

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."

"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."