Mad Max

Here It Comes, The Mighty Duster

overall score 87 / YES
Aug 22, 16  | reviewed by Killer1022 (1088)

It's not great, sometimes it's annoying, yet I fucking loved it.

gameplay 80 / story 70 / graphics 93 / sound 87

Mad Max is an interesting game.  It came out around the time the new movie was released on Blu-ray, which btw is amazing.  You definitely have to go see it.  So I bought the game when it first came out, played for a few days and jumped back to other games.  The first few missions didn’t grab my attention.  I didn’t feel like it was a game I’d play or enjoy.  Fast forward 5 months, I finally said fuck it, I should beat this game just to get it off my hard drive.  I beat the next 2-3 missions and all of a sudden, I WAS HOOKED.

For no apparent reason I could not put this game down.  It wasn’t anything special but it kept me going, wanting to play more and more kind of like the rage inside Max, driving him to insanity.  The gameplay is just fun, the fighting is not solid like the Batman games and the driving isn’t very responsive, but again, I found myself having fun.  The fighting is average, you find yourself doing the same executions over and over again.  I loved attacking convoys (a gang of cars patrolling an area), using the harpoon to pull off tires from an enemy’s car or even pull the enemy out.  Throwing an explosive thunderpoon at an enemy car only to watch it flip and explode, was kind of…..beautiful.  The car battles reminded me of Interstate 76, a game I loved growing up.  They aren’t over the top like Twisted Metal, but not too realistic, just feel right.

The graphics are impressive, everything is very detailed, the landscape, characters, cars, etc.  You will be shocked how good this game looks, also pay attention to how Max climbs a ladder, each foot making contact, its beautiful.  With the smooth graphics you’ll always have clunky controls, kind of like the nba 2k series, your guy feels slow and fat, yet he looks good doing it.

The story is basic at best.  Max is just driving around helping people he doesn’t want to, why, cause he’s an idiot.  But where the story fails, the body succeeds.  By body I mean THERE IS SO MUCH SHIT TO DO IN THIS GAME.  Suicidesnowman can attest to this, at one point in the game, your map is filled with icons to the titties.  But its not overwhelming.  Driving to a mission you will easily take detours to clear out a camp, find a new car body, or take down some enemy structures.  Then by the time to get to the mission, 5 hrs have passed in your life, you forgot to take a shit and that all too familiar smell begins to creep in.  Yet you smile, because you had fun.

Wipe, rinse, and repeat.  That’s what Mad Max is at the core.  A game with no heart and a porn star body.  Honestly if you see this game on sale for $20-25, do yourself a favor and pick it up.  You won’t regret it, just don’t expect to 100% it, FUCK THAT SHIT.

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September 1, 2015







815 days 13 hours ago

Posted by elheber

If I don't have time for The Witcher 3, that means I don't have time to hit all the checkboxes on a world map. I've been through that with Assassin's Creed games and I always end with an empty void in my soul. When you're as strapped for time as I feel I am, I think that stuff is all filler, no killer.

I loved Interstate 76! I always wondered what “curb feelers” were despite growing up in LA. When I did find out what they were, realized how crazy it was that it was an upgrade to handling (or tires or something) in the game when there were no curbs on any roads in that game. Loved it.

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816 days 4 hours ago

Posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx

Yeah, you should stick to design buddy. A writer you are not!

But it is hilarious to read, and yes, I can attest to this game being 'filled to the tittles' with shit to do. Can't believe I've nearly 100%'d this fucker.

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815 days 13 hours ago

Posted by elheber

BTW, sn0w, the tip about hitting Enter twice to add line breaks doesn't work for me.

This should be a different paragraph.

And this one too.

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815 days 12 hours ago

Posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx

I'm wondering if something is causing your page to display incorrectly. I remember you thought the text size got smaller a few weeks back as well. Can you drop a screenshot of the page in the Error Reporting so I can see what it's doing? I'd also like to know what your screen resolution is set to.

Also, for me I see the line breaks on both comments you posted here.


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815 days 10 hours ago

Posted by elheber

I'm not sure what you did. But it looks fine now. I didn't change anything on my end. Before it was only your posts that contained line breaks, but now I finally see mine the way it looks like in your screenshot.

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815 days 7 hours ago

Posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx

I think I know what it is. When you submit a new comment it's inserted into the page using Javascript. When I made the last update to the comment system I never fixed the missing styling on the JS post. It's been on my todo list for a long time now, just keeps getting pushed down the list since I am not allowed to work on the next upgrade to the RTC system due to no host allowing me to use NodeJS. Won't get to work on it until January probably.

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815 days 21 hours ago

Posted by Killer1022

Yea I had to beat the story and delete it off my PS4, otherwise I'd keep coming back to it everyday just to look for scrap and relics lol

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